TRI®+ Digital Solutions


TRI®+ Digital Solutions guarantees a universal implant open interface to leading technology partners in digital dentistry. TRI®+ Digital Solutions allows a wide range of indications via 3D Planning, Guided Surgery, CAD Abutments, CAD/CAM screw-retained and cement-retained restorations or modern treatments such as All-on-TRI® procedures.

TRI®+ Digital Workflow


TRI®+ Digital Workflow


TRI Open Platform Solution Partners

Digital Treatment Options
Pre-op planning Guided surgeryCustomized CAD/CAM abutmentsCAD/CAM screw retained bars and bridgesCAD/CAM cement retained bars and bridgesAll-on-TRI restorations
CAD/CAM Prosthetic


The newly patented TRI®-Base is the first Ti-Base that can be customized in length and angulation, both physically by the technician and digitally in the respective CAD Software.

TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment


The TRI® 2in1 is a revolutionary instrument-free innovation for closed-tray impression taking and final abutment restorations. The patented integrated solution guarantees an entire new level of precision and simplicity during the impression and restorative process. And best of all: you get 2 products in 1!

TRI® Pod


The new implant packaging by TRI® integrates the latest engineering know-how and innovation - Made in Switzerland. Its revolutionary touchless delivery concept allows to pick-up the implant directly with the surgical hand-piece in one single step. Whilst guaranteeing the highest purity of the TRI® SBA surface. A true design innovation which will take your surgical performance to a new level.

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